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Hawaiian SunsetI am an avid history and material culture buff. I spend much of my free time participating in living history groups, going to museums, researching a variety of topics, and recreating the arts, crafts and costumes of various eras. Details of some of my completed works can be found under the SCA link.

I have served as an Instructional Support Specialist, Coordinator- Distance Education, and Senior Application Support Specialist with UMUC from 1998 to 2010. The key function of my job was to help the faculty members with their online classes and content. Duties ran from training sessions for the faculty to troubleshooting technical problems as they pop up. Details of my professional life as well as links to our group projects are available under the Work link. I'm currently looking for the right job for the next step in my career.

More details about who I am and where I came from can be found under the About Me link. I grew up in North Carolina, went to college in Virginia, and now live, work and play in Maryland. Outside of living history, I like to travel, sail, sing, dine out, swim, read and watch far too much TV. I also am blessed with fast growing hair, so I have donated several times to Locks of Love, a very worthy organization.


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