Articles I have written or assisted on

Tips on Using AppShare like a Pro in Wimba Live Classroom, DE Oracle, CSI- 11/09

Coming Soon: DE Oracle Live, DE Oracle, CSI- 7/08, and hosted several DE Oracle Live sessions

Why WebTycho Remains Instrumental in the Web 2.0 World, DE Oracle, CSI- 5/08

Importing the WebTycho Gradebook, DE Oracle, CSI- 3/08

Utilizing the WebTycho Portfolio, DE Oracle, CSI- 3/06

Setting up the Gradebook, DE Oracle, CSI, Flash or RealPlayer video presentation, created in Camtasia- 1/05

Archiving Class Announcements in WebTycho, DE Oracle, CSI

Text Formatting Editor (TFE), DE Oracle, CSI (old article, newer editor currently in place)


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