Genevieve d'Aquitaine 
Shire of Roxbury Mill, Kingdom of Atlantia

Order of Precedence:

SCA: Mistress of the Pelican, Patent of Arms 10/12/2002
Atlantia: Companion of the Golden Dolphin 5/27/2000
Atlantia: Companion of the Pearl 4/7/2001
SCA: Court Baroness, Grant of Arms 8/13/1997
SCA: Award of Arms 1/18/1997
Atlantia: Companion of the Undine
Atlantia: Companion of the Undine 2/22/2003
SCA: Supporters 4/6/2002
Atlantia: Award of the Fountain 3/19/2004
Black Diamond: Baron's Award of Excellence

Officer Experience:
Minister of the List
Atlantia, At Large
Fall 2001- Current
  • Complete and file authorization and renewal paperwork for fighters
  • Sign in any participants who will be on the field, ensuring the proper paperwork proceedures are met
  • Run tournament designated by the Marshal of the Field
  • Consult with marshals when needed as regards a smooth list
  • MOL in charge for Crusades 2006, run Masters of Defense tourneys (04,05 & 06)
Kingdom Chamberlain
7/2003- 5/2007
  • Catalog and maintain royal regalia and properties
  • Track loan of regalia, property, and equipment to the Crown, Heirs, and retinue
  • Transport regalia and properties to the Crown and Heirs upon their request and to Crown Tournaments and Coronations
  • Execute lease agreements for crowns and coronets with King, Queen, Prince and Princess
  • Coordinate acquisition and creation of new or replacement kingdom properties
Principal of the Order of the Pelican
1/2004- 1/2007
  • Facilitate meetings and discussions of the members of the Order of the Pelican
  • Maintain roster of members, watchlist of possible candidates, and email list
  • Send out pollings at the request of the members and the direction of the Crown
  • Serve as communication point for new recommendations, and communications outside of the Order, especially between the Crown and the Order members
Head Lady in Waiting
Galmr and Aryanna
5/2001- 4/6/2002
  • Organize and in some cases add to the retinue; ladies, guards, etc.
  • Ensure in many cases that the regalia made it to and from the event in good condition
  • Attend Their Royal Majesties (TRM) at events, or make sure they were otherwise covered
  • Check with autocrats regarding any special needs of TRM, royal room, court herald, etc.
  • Ensure that High Table was set up and invitees had been extended the courtesy
  • Keep TRM on  schedule for meetings, tourneys, court, feast, etc.
  • Performed a medallion inventory, and asked specific artisans for contributions
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
7/1998- 5/2001
  • Keep an up to date Roster of the local Arts and Sciences (A&S) officers in MSExcel and online
  • Collect reports; quarterly and event reports
  • Assist with A&S competitions on the local, regional and kingdom level
  • Organize and run A&S competitions at Kingdom Level events (Crown, Coronation, Crusades, Twelfth Night, and Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival)
  • Find an autocrat and organize Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival annually
  • Make changes to law and policy with TRM's approval
  • Edited and printed hard copies of the A&S Officers' Handbook with the assistance of THL Giuliana Salviati, Lady Karen Larsdatter and Baron Corun McAnndra
  • Develop and hold training sessions for A&S Officers
  • Field general questions and problems at events
  • Oversee the University of Atlantia, to step in only if a problem .occurred
Baronial Exchequer
Barony of Black Diamond
  • Interim position since previous exchequer became Baroness in January 1998 and I graduated and moved in May 1998
  • Responsible for funds of the Barony, writing checks, balancing checkbook, and taxes
  • Took over books after two laissez faire exchequers, reconciled the account, corrected taxes
  • Depreciation of Baronial Regalia and dayshade
Head Lady in Waiting
Bera and Cuan
  • Many of same duties as Head Lady in Waiting to Aryanna listed above
  • Transport Her Majesty to events since she was without a vehicle
  • Controlled Guard tabard distribution and collection each event
  • Handled Promissory book and ensured that promissories were ready for court
Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences
Barony of Black Diamond
  • Worked with local artisans, keeping track of what each one was working on
  • Organized local A&S meetings
  • Kept and maintained local library of Compleat Anachronishts, Tournaments Illuminated and other publications
  • Added more materials to the local library given permission and funds from the group
  • Took local library to each A&S meeting and fighter practice to ensure exposure and spread of knowledge
 Other Volunteer Experience: References:  Available upon request.