Elizabethan Loose Gown

Created with love as a surprise for Mistress Isobel Beddingfield, OL on the occasion of receiving her Pelican.  Group effort of Genevieve d'Aquitaine (construction, materials, finger woven trim and button loops), Mary-Grace of Gatlin, Tonwen ferch Morien, and Aryanna Hawkyns (wrapped buttons), Theodora Delamore (embroidered patch and finishing) and Eleanor Hamilton (pattern).  Outer fabric is black cotton velveteen.  Lining fabric and trim is shot silk dupioni in red and pale gold  Buttons are wrapped in DMC floss color #436, gold, pearl cotton while trim and button loops are in same color, but using a five loop finger woven design.  Embroidered patch is sewn with rayon machine embroidery thread.

Modeled after the Elizabethan loose gown/surcoat in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion.  
Pattern drafted by Eleanor Hamilton.  Substituted epaulets for short puffed cap sleeves.
Loose Gown

Close up of the top of the coat, showing button placement, and overall look.
Loose Gown

Close up shot of the hand wrapped buttons done by Mary-Grace, Aryanna and Tonwen.  
Garnets adorn the top of the button.
Also a close up shot of the epaulet, showing piping, contrasting trim and finger woven trim in same color thread as buttons.
wrapped buttons Braided trim on epaulet

Pelican and Laurel combined emblems for patch over heart on gown.  
Pattern drafted and machine embroidered by Theodora.
Machine embroidered patch


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