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Just the Facts, Ma'am

Working Jen

Moi!So, you want to know more about me. My aren't we a voyeuristic crowd?
Okay, fine if you must. Here we go.

I grew up in the large town of Greensboro, NC. I spent summers lounging in the pool, and winters glued to the TV. I went to Grimsley Senior High School, the home of the Whirlies, and went on to higher education at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, VA, which is truly a wonderful place. It is also there that I met and joined the SCA . After four years of changing majors, I finally graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, with concentrations in Communication Studies, History, Biology, and Chemistry. After Graduation, I decided to move to the DC/ Maryland area, just for kicks. Actually it was due to the wealth of job opportunities, and that many of my friends live here, or really near by. I think it was definitely a change for the better. I got a job at UMUC, working Tech Support which advanced to a Senior Application Support Specialist for the Learning Applications Development and Support section within the Information Technology Branch. In February 2003 I moved to the Graduate School as a Distance Education Coordinator. After twelve years of supporting UMUC I resigned, and after a summer off am currently looking for employment.

My family is pretty cool as well. I must admit that I grew up lacking nothing. I have two wonderful parents that have been married since 1970 and are still happy. I also have two faboo sisters. Jodi is older than I and lives in Hickory with her husband and my two amazing nieces. Jinger is younger, and has moved out to work and live in Seattle, WA with her husband, after a fun time in Hawaii. My first niece was born the day before my 24th birthday on November 21, 1999. My second niece was born on Alan's birthday, August 18, 2001. Like family are my previous roommates who still touch my life; Shannon, Tracie, and Mel. I'm happily married to my sweetheart Alan, who I love and adore.

BubblesI have several interests, nothing that I am fanatic about, although others may disagree. In my free time I am Genevieve d'Aquitaine, my SCA persona in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Read more about me and the SCA from the SCA link. Suffice it to say my hobby has led to some eclectic interests. As far as music is concerned I am a big fan of Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, Bare Naked Ladies, Blondie, Melissa Etheridge, Jimmy Buffett, Sarah McLachlan, Concrete Blonde and random other tastes from Violent Femmes to Broadway musicals. And my friends seem to associate me with Bubbles, one of the Powerpuff Girls.

I've gone through many stages in my life so far. I've been the "smart one" in the family and I've also been the cause of most of my Dad's gray hairs. I've been in to work an hour early on good principle and stayed up 'til 4 am talking to friends. My hair has been blonde, bleach blonde, various shades of red which all looked bad and bluish-green once, and has gone from waist length to chin length and everywhere in between. I've donated to Locks of Love four times in the past 8 years, once in Nov 2000, again in Nov 2003, again in Nov 2006 and again in Oct 2008.

I swam competitively for 10 years growing up, 5 years of year round swimming. I've lifted weights, done aerobics, yoga, swimming, running, walking, and sitting around. I like good food, but hate to plan meals. I am the Queen of Take-Out. I sew and do various crafts involving string, but have tried the following: leather work (clean minds only), bobbin lace, weaving, knitting, embroidery, sprang, nalbinding, basket weaving, painting (objects, never canvas), sand casting, wound glass beads, glass blowing and collecting art books. I usually default to sewing in my spare time. I'm a Scorpio and a Sagittarius thanks to the cusp. This could explain some of my extremes, even though I think I have rather stable moods. Whew!


Wedding Pictures: 6/8/2002
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