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My closetPeerage outer-garments for friends:

Wool shawl (8/08) Handwoven green wool fabric purchased, and adorned on the ends with laurel wreaths in gold silk embroidery

Half Circle Wool Cloak (11/07) Half circle blue wool cloak, decorated with a laurel wreath made of luceted silk cord, trimmed with silk whipcording

Wool Cloak (2/07) Machine embroidered emblems, trimmed with hand-made silk whipcording

14th Century Wool Cloak (2/04) Cut dagges on a fulled wool cloak for a friend

16th Century Russian Coat (10/03) wool coat for a friends Pelican garment

16th Century Full Circle Cloak (2/03) Velvet Elizabethan gentleman's court cloak based on one of the extant garments examined by Janet Arnold for her Patterns of Fashion. Again, made for a friend

16th Century Elizabethan Women's Loose Gown (1/03) Velvet and silk lady's coat based on the loose gown in Patterns of Fashion

My own closet:

16th Century Elizabethan Woman's Shift (7/08), entirely hand sewn high-necked linen shift

16th Century Working Woman's Elizabethan outfit (11/06), pieces to create an outfit, suitable for Jamestown

16th Century Men's shirt (10/06), Classic Elizabethan men's shirt based on Grace Gamble's pattern

Roman (8/05) Roman lady's outfit for the hot Pennsic days

10th Century Viking Apron Dress and Silk Cap (3/04) Two parts of my entry for the Persona Pentathalon at Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival, 2004

16th Century Middle Class Loose Gown Ensemble (10/02) Linen loose gown and kirtle for a Fall Trayned Bandes event

10th Century Viking (10/01) Made for then Princess Signy of Drachenwald

16th Century Court Italian (5/01) finished for Spring Coronation 2001, the stupidest day to wear such an outfit...

15th Century Italian Ren Gown (10/00) more of an old write up and class notes, pictures added 3/06, possible new theory on bodice construction coming...

15th Century Venus Gown for a Pas d'Armes (9/00) Made to play the part of Venus in a 15th Cent. Pas d'Armes

Silly Middle Eastern (10/31/00) for Halloween Office Party


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