Plays with String

String Arts

String arts collectionHere you will find the various string (fiber) arts I've completed.

Embroidery: Needlework decorating fabric with silk threads to add surface embellishment.

Knitting: Using double pointed eyeless needles to manipulate loops to create a fabric. I've pretty much only made flat and round things with knitting so far.

Nalbinding: Predominantly a Scandinavian fiber art of single needle netting/knitting. A few extant pieces have been found, mostly mittens, socks and other small fragments.

Sprang: A textile creation technique that used plaiting/twining of threads stretched on a frame to make a fabric that is symmetrical on each half. So far, pictures only.

Tablet Weaving: Warp-faced method of creating narrowwares using cards/tablets in rotation to change the shed

Interlocking/Whipcording: Viking/Scandinavian art form for making cording. Uses bobbins wrapped with thread to make into a woven cord.

I've also done some lucet cords and finger loop braided cords, but don't have any pictures. In informal classes I called this "making big string out of little string."


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