Nalbound Bag

Nalbound bag finished on 2/21/04 to hold my nalbinding supplies.  It was made large enough to fit a full skein of Lopi yarn, in a thick enough stitch so that needles won't slip out.  I used leftover yarn from two knitting projects in gray and rose.  I started at the bottom of the bag to create a flat circle and then made the rest of the body as a cylinder from there.  The top row is 3 stitches attached to the row second from the top and 3 stitches loose to create eyelet holes for a lacing to pull through.  I used the Oslo stitch for the body of the bag and used the Korgen stitch for the top row/rim to add a bit more definition to the top.

bag open
bag open

bag closed
bag drawn closed

bottom of bag
bottom of bag showing spiral beginning

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