Nalbound Mittens

These are my first attempt at Nalbinding mittens. They are done using the Olso stitch, also known as stitch Type IIa by Hald. Many of the extant mittens found from the viking era were made using the Oslo stitch as well. The first mitten is on the left and was made a bit too small, too pointed at the fingers and tapered too soon on the hand as well. The second attempt at a mitten is on the right. It is larger and more roomy through the hand but the thumb turned out strange. I wonder if this is due to the direction of the spiral of my stitches. These were made using a blue Reynold's Icelandic Lopi yarn which I find ideal to nalbinding. Both mittens were began at the cuff and tapered into the wrist and then increased back out to the palm. A hole was left for the thumb and the hand of the mitten was continued up to a point for the fingers. Afterwards the thumb was added back in the slit and decreasd to a point as well.

Back of the mittens

Palms of the mittens

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