Nalbound Mice

I haven't committed to any new large nalbinding projects, so instead I've been playing and doing little fiddlings. I started making these mice as cat toys for my friends' pets. I'm allergic to cats, so I must be crazy to encourage the wee beasties, but there you go. The first mouse was made during a play for Garibaldi with a little brown piece of Lopi. Then Omen's owner demanded love for her kitten too. Then I just made them and gave them away as I felt the whim, and now on request.

Essentially each mouse is a nalbound thumb piece, with ears, stuffed with scrap yarn and sewn up the bottom, with a braided tail added on. They are simple little projects that get accomplished quickly and easily, and give me a chance to try out a new stitch or yarn on a small scale. I've made three with no stuffing that work well as finger puppets too.

Here are some pictures of Nalbound Mice made in May 2005.
Many more have joined the world and found happy homes since then:

more mice

best 3

Very special two headed mouse for my not-right friend Ella
Ella's Mouse
She won't let her cats play with it...

Action Shots:

Garibaldi with the now missing first mouse
Garibaldi with the now missing first mouse

Omen with the second mouse
Apparently Omen's glowing eyes means she's having fun...

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