Another Personal Heraldic Banner

Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer requested that I make a banner on his behalf to his specifications. Sadly, we only had one week before this personal banner would be needed for his friend, Fritz's vigil and elevation to the Order of the Pelican. The banner material is of red and blue linen/rayon blend found at JoAnn's Etc. and some yellow linen I had on hand. The boar's heads were too complicated for me to applique by machine, so I was stuck with either executing them in paint or machine embroidery. My dear friend Theodora made the time to make a pattern work on her embroidery machine, and for that I am extremely grateful. Boar heads were then embroidered, cut, glued and then sewn to the body of the banner. I was initially appalled that one of the boar's heads was not at the same angle as the rest until the recipient informed me that the roundels are meant to be coins and that there was no blazoning for how the boar's heads should appear. Bonus!

FJF Banner

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