House Gravesend


Freddy, Alan and Kynny, July 2003
Freddy, Alan and Kynny just after Alan took his first two cadets. July 2003
(and an ad for why sunscreen is your friend)

Kynny's pictures of the Gravesend posse playing with Light Sabers, at Night on the Town, April 2006

Alan learns the hard way the hazards of a demo... Bloodbath Demo, March 2006- Kynny's Pictures

Alyce at Bloodbath Freddy at Bloodbath
Alex and Freddy at St. Paddy's Day Bloodbath, March 2006

Challenge of the Heart, WS Team
Dun Carraig's Challenge of the Heart, June 05, Alan and Kynny join Roland to form a White Scarf team

Challenge of the Heart, taking the field
Challenge of the Heart- Kynny, Roland and Alan take the field.

Taking a Break
Roland, Alan and Kynny take a break at Challenge of the Heart

Alan at Sapphire 2005
Sapphire Joust 2005, Alan and Ragnar Ribcracker have a good time with greatswords

Cadet Cambok
Coronation Spring 2005, Kynny and Freddy have too much fun in the muddy cambok game that ensued

Alan and Padraiga The Cadeting
Alan with then Princess Padraiga, Fall 03—The beginning of a household, Assessment July 2003

Alan and Giacomo
Alan and Giacomo at Ymir 2002, Cut and Thrust Demo- photo courtesy of Elfgoode

Alan thinking
hmmmm... more pictures to come...


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