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Other Arts

Mosaic TileHere you will find the various non-string arts I've done. Jack of all trades, Master of none applies here.

What do I do with my Hair? : Ponytail to Period Hair (2/05) Class presentation and handout from Winter University to give ladies ideas of period hairstyles.

Flat Cap: (6/03) Documentation for an Elizabethan flat cap made for a friend

Banners: Heraldic banners for display for friends

Nalbinding Needle : (3/04) Antler nalbinding needle made for the Persona Pentathalon 2004

Basket Making:

Glassblowing: I took a four week course on modern glassblowing from the Art of Fire studio. Here are pictures only of my first attempts (10/02)

Mosaic Tile: From a class on mosaics taught by Maestra Giuliana Salviati at University of Atlantia, 2/06


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