House Gravesend

Alan's armsMembers

Baron Alan Gravesend, OP, CWS, CSS, CGD, QOC, Undine, Nonpareil, Fountain, FUA, etc.
-squired to Sir Xenophon Vaughn 10/1998, and joined Clan Old Castle

~ The Honourable Lord Kynnyth Pyke, CWS, CGD, Fountain (Protege)

~ Lord Frederick von Hinerich, ST, Undine. Opal (Cadet)
~ Lady Alyce/Lord Alexander Blood, CSD, ST, Opal (Cadet)

Baroness Genevieve d'Aquitaine, OP, CP, CGD, Undine, Fountain, Nonpareil, FUA
-apprenticed to Mistress Thjora Arnketilsdóttir 2/1999, and joined House de la Flamme

~ Lord Gabrell Fairecloughe, QOC (Protege)


Baroness Tonwen ferch Morien, CGD, Undine
-young Zachariah and Ryan


pictures of household members in various activities


Concerning Melee Tactics (1994) by Alan Gravesend and Giacomo Vincenti
Masters of Defense Tournament Style (2004) Kynnyth Pyke

Award Documents (scrolls) on our walls:


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